Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Its alive!!!  

I was hoping for a fire up on the first kick, it would have been a dream, but instead, my knee is now throbbing! had various earthing and fuel related glitches. also an oil spillage when the clutch rod popped out, as i didn't have the lh cover on.
What a pain to film, if i set the camera running then I couldn't get it to fire, if I had it running and went to turn the camera on, the engine died!
Small issue with the LH cylinder  Undecided seems to be passing oil, could be the valve guide as I think it seemed a little worn on stripdown, theres new seals in there and the piston rings measured up ok. Not to worry for now, that might be a job for next winter.

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