Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Nothing is cheap anymore, especially new Conn Rods for 50 year old engines, some things however are worth paying for.
There was no way I could fit the old rods, once that was established I decided against second hand ones due to availability, cost and the likelihood that they wouldn't be any better than the old ones - that left 2 choices - R&R engineering rods from the US or Thunder Engineering.
Both retail at the £300 mark, but Thunder are based in the UK, only about 30 miles away from me as it happens, so I went local.
The rods turned up today and I can confirm they are worth every penny of £300, the quality of machining is superb and the finish is awesome, every edge is nicely chamfered, the rods are polished and it is impossible to feel the join between the rod and cap, even with your finger nail.
Doing a proper rebuild job on an old brit bike is never going to be a cheap exercise, you might as well spend a few quid extra, get some decent stuff in there, so as not to have to worry about it again, and at the same time support a genuine British Engineering business sticking their neck out to keep our old sh!t on the road

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