Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

newfound enthusiasm

Back last November my wife's step dad called me about this little beauty, he told me over the phone there was a Yamaha 125 - 1974 going cheap through someone he knows, they only wanted £100 - I was keen as mustard and let him know - a week later it was travelling back to Northampton in the back of my wife's hatchback.
Stripped it down and cleaned it, but then i lost a bit of interest due to piling money into the Triumph engine and missing a few essential, but hard to find parts for this.
The Triumph is now back on the road and over the last week I've been looking at various DT / CT builds and have built up the enthusiasm for this again. Chucked some chunkier tyres on tonight and I think it looks pretty good (the front tyre is about an inch taller than the rear, just doesn't look so in the pic)
Its nothing fancy granted, but how many classic bikes can you buy and have a little fun with, complete with an engine and V5 for £100?

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  1. good man! need to pull my finger out too - but you already know that!