Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Friday, 23 August 2013

Biking on a budget

Mentioned before about the Yam, well here it is finished:

On the road for less than £500, including purchase price, tax, MOT and full engine rebuild with a Wiseco piston. Yep, its only a 125 and its never going to be worth that much, but for me most of the enjoyment comes from spending the time in the garage messing about with them. It turns out to be fun to ride too.
Wish i had a before photo, I literally pulled it out of a barn where it had been stood for 15 years, covered in horse shit and straw.
Special thanks to Terry for rejuvenating many parts with Zinc and Nickel, saved me a fortune and i've got loads of shiny nuts, bolts and spokes too.