Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another little update:
Scored a nice little headlight today from an Antique shop, need to up the bulb to  a decent wattage main / dipped and add a 3 way switch to the body of it:

I've spent hours and hours on the rear fender the last couple of days, its just amazing how long it takes to make anything, especially without a lathe, but I'm nearly there. The 2 top mounts are finished and tacked in place and the lower mount (the little bar I'm holding with my fingers) has just got one hole to be drilled and tapped before it can be welded to the frame:

Also got the rear axle adjusters lined up and part welded:

Finally got the front torque arm finished (bar the painting) The drum originally had a notch which fitted into a tag on the fork lowers, but as this came from a different bike, and my forks were designed to take a disk and therefore calipers, I had to overcome the mounting problem and followed some sound advice. This is where the torque arm comes in, it mounts onto one of the original caliper locating lugs at one end, the other end is located, via a bolt, into the drum brake plate. This was expertly modified (not by me) by filling in the original slot with weld and drilling / tapping / helicoiling a thread. Torque arm is 6mm bar, which should be adequate. Fork legs can now have the excess lugs removed and be sanded / painted (brake plate needs painting too)

Getting there:

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