Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Latest news...
After much work to the tank, grinding, welding, grinding, welding etc, I've decided to give up and invest in some tank sealant, not brought any yet, but I'll be looking for some ethanol resistant stuff, due to lots of modern fuel containing this and reading lots of horror stories about tank sealant melting and gumming up the carbs / engine.
Went to Stafford Autojumble yesterday and picked aup a nice solid rear 'fender' from Shaun, It fits my rear wheel absolutely perfectly, just got to fab up some mounts.
Also managed to find some motocross footrests for 4 whole pounds, and I've spent this evening sorting them out. Its a bit of a brain teaser trying to get them in the right place, taking into account the exhaust, kickstart and brake pedal (which I don't even have yet) But I('m pretty happy with where they sit now, they're not finish welded so can be fairly easily moved if need be:

Currently working on the front torque arm for the drum brake, got the bar made up, just got to make some spacers, tap them and weld em to the bar. Once thats done I can get the forks off and cut off any unused lugs, then clean up the legs. Might end up painting them, I'll see how well they clean up.

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