Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Engine back together

Finally got the parts together so I could make a start re-building the top end. One good thing to come out of having it stripped down for so long (about 6 weeks) was that i read loads about rebuilding them, so it was plain sailing sticking it all back together (not that they are a very complicated unit anyway)
Cylinders, head and cam cover were all individually stripped down and cleaned using parrafin and the dishwasher, I did have plans to paint them, but they had been done badly before. I didn't want to paint on top of the flakey paint and didn't fancy stripping every nook and cranny to prep them, so they went back on as they were.

Pic above shows the barrels and head in position when I was setting the timing. I slipped sockets over 4 of the studs, so I could nip 4 nuts onto the studs, this held everything in place securely and made timing a doddle. I didn't fit a new chain in the end, as this one is not very old, I didn't need to break the chain during removal and re-installation so am happy that this one has plently of miles left.

Got the cam covers on and its had its first Torque down, I'm going to check it tomorrow and of course, will recheck after its first run. Still need to set the follower clearances, I wound them right out when fitting the cover, but I'll set them when I'm happy that everything is fully torqued.

Went seat pan crazy last week, I'm now on version 6, getting better every time. just got to sort out some brackets
Made a couple of e-bay scores yesterday: Ladies black knee length leather coat - £3, if it doesn't suit me I'll use it to make a seat or two Shocked and a Fireblade rear wheel spindle - £1, same OD as the XS, I think it will be too long, but there are ways and means...

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