Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

First Blog - Hello!

Hello to anyone who may be looking. I've got bits and bobs of stuff over the net, so decided to group everything together here.
Been getting into 'custom' bikes the last couple of years, all started when I got my Evo Sporty, up until then I'd owned mostly faired bikes, but have always enjoyed messing about with all things mechanical. Anyway, the sportster needed a full re-wire and a few other bits and pieces doing, this turned into changing even more bits, which I suppose lead me to the idea of a bike being something more of a 'kit' which could constantly be evolved and changed to create a different look.
Eventually, my net crawling led my to Dirty Bobbers where I saw some fantastic bikes and eventually drew the inspiration to have a go at building a bike for myself.
My original plan was to save up for another Sportster to Hardtail, but I met Tom (the Tinselcat) through the site, who pointed / pushed / led me in the direction of an XS650 frame, going cheap, not far from where I live.

So the story begins....

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  1. I love how i always get the blame for such things!