Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The project begins!

I've kept this project up to date on the custom XS650 website, but I'll b etransferring most stuff here, to live for evermore!

Most of my parts have come from e-bay so far, started off with the frame, complete with V5 and an MOT!

Next up was to source some wheels, decided i want front and rear drums and a 21" front with a motorcross tyre, so picked up a 16" XS rear and 21" XT250 front wheel.
eventually sourced an engine from e-bay, seemed in good general condition except a bodged repair on part of the head oil feed:

On stripdown I found this:

Think whoever did the last rebuild (its on its 2nd oversize) was a bit generous with the silicone!

The only way to get at the head oil feed bodched repair was to remove the top end, as the cylinders and head overhang this area, meaning it would be almost impossible to get any tooling in there. This also gave me a chance to overhaul the top end, glad i did really as at least one of the valve stem seals had been passing, meaning that one of the cylinders had been burning oil.
I started looking for a helicoil kit to repair the oil feed (as the threads were totally stripped out) but after searching around, i found that there is a supplier in germany who stocked oversize adaptor plugs, i went for this option as i didn't think there was enough meat left in the hole for the helicoil kit. Just waiting for the right size tap to turn up for this, then I can get the engine back together.
In the meantime my frame was off for a custom hardtail to be made by Shaun (

here it is mocked up with my wheels and a borrowed tank.
As it stands at the minute, the frame is back home, I've just measure up for some front wheel spacers to be made (the XT wheel is narrower than the XS and has a smaller diameter spindle) I'm looing for a suitable tank and having a crack at making a seat (first attempt very poor and not worthy of any photo's!

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