Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Next project

Picked this up the other day:

Its a 1960 T100a, was rebuilt, i think, in the 80's, and has done 1600 miles since. Passed its MOT this morning, with just one advisory on the steering head bearings.
Runs really well - I've done about 25 miles of town riding since picking it up on Tues night - still getting used to the brake and gearshift being the 'wrong way round' - what makes it even worse is that the front brake is absolutely shocking - despite re-dressing it and cleaning. Gapped the points,plugs and tappets last night, which seem to have made a slight difference - not too sure how well the carb is set up, but its pretty smooth, all through the rev range. Of course its got its fair share of oil leaks. At some point I'd like to do a proper job on the engine - but I'll get the bike built first - the engine can wait till winter 2012.
I plan to ride it as is for the next couple of months and start making plans, with a view to saving up and beginning proper work in November time.
Thoughts at the moment are bolt on hardtail, probably a peanut type tank,sell the Akronts and fit a 21" front with a speedmaster and a little jap drum brake, Quite a skinny 18" rear, convert to 12v, electronic ign and go batteryless (any info on this would be much appreciated), maybe some clipons or vincent flats etc etc. Probably get some pipes made.

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