Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Saturday, 13 August 2011

False start

Well, went for my first run on the road this week, while it felt amazing to be riding it finally, the journey was not without its problems.
Main issue is with one cylinder throwing out oil really badly, rings, bores, valve guides, pistons and compression are all within spec and head gasket is good, also had a petrol weep from the fuel tap which wrecked the paint in that area of the tank - and the mudguard worked loose, even though there was loctite on the bolts, caused a little bit of paint damage, but I was in a 'fuck it' mood this afternoon.
Current situation is that the bike is stripped - top end torn down on the engine and head and barrels are at a machine shop being examined. Mudguard has been stripped to bare metal, filled and primed ready for topcoat tomorrow and the tank has a paint repair underway.
Pissed off at the knockback, but you live and learn, hopefully should be back on the road in a week or two. I've had a taster at riding it and can't wait for it to be finished.

Went to look at a T100 today, while I respect the old boy for building it from essentially autojumble parts, and ressurecting a bike that wasn't there before, it wasn't exactly done to a high standard - I suppose I've been spoilt looking at some amazing bikes recently. Anyway, he struggled to start it, then when he did, there was a little squit of oil coming from the head gasket which put the nail in the coffin.
The search continues...

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