Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Frame mod

Bloody wheels still aren't built, thats six weeks now and counting and they're holding me up. Anyhow, I was scratching my head thinking what to do to move things on and decided I could get the seat mounted.
Had a couple of ideas and mocked the seat up in various positions, but in the end, decided that the cross tube on the hadtail was too far forward.
I've always thought this - seems to be made so you can put a 21" wheel in the rear with plenty of clearance, its not the first problem with the hardtail either - took me a day of messing about when i first got it, trying to get it lined up, which eventually ended with some cutting and welding.
Anyhow I got a replacement tube cut and the ends radiused, stuck a surrogate rear wheel in the frame to brace it and welded the new tube in place, with the old one still there so nothing moved too much with the heat.

That was easy enough, but it was a right pain removing all trace of the old one - got there in the end though.

eventually got round to starting the seat mounts, but, its Saturday night and I can hear Sailor Jerry calling out for me - they can wain till tomorrow.

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