Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Lathe, first project

Been after a Lathe for a long time, finally bit the bullet last week and brought one. Its brand new, Chinese made, but very popular worldwide, with lots of tech articles and parts avaliability - also comes with a warranty.
Its only classed as a 'mini lathe' as its 7" x 14", but should be plenty for all I need - for the time being!

Received yesterday, I spent last night cleaning all of the packing oil / grease off and setting it up. Spent tonight on my first project - as pictured above - a pair of recessed bolt holders which will be bolted to the axle plates and will carry the fender mounts. I'm chuffed to bits with them, I know they're not the most complicated thing,  but I've not used a lathe since college, so tonight was a steep learning curve, I think they turned out really well.