Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Sunday 9 August 2015

Been a while

Been building this for the last 2 years, ran out of money halfway through and nearly sold it half completed, but its finally ran in and the rev range is being fully explored. Engine is a cracker - it should be for the amount its cost!

Its a very early (jan 1962) ducati 250 the first registered keeper none other than John Surtees ltd!
Its easy to see why these made / make popular race bikes, for a 50 year old design it certainly does fly

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Helmet for sale

Authentic 70's MX history:

Moto 3's are so last year - grab some brit cool
tomchurchman@googlemail.com if you're interested

Saturday 9 November 2013

New project, busy buffing

I've always struggled polishing, never managed to get it right, I was mighty pissed off earlier today having spent hours messing about with a mediocre result, considered paying someone else to do it, but cash is tight due to the amount the engine is going to cost me. Came back in, had my tea and a few beers, spent a bit of time 'researching' some more on the net, took a deep breath and had another go - I think I've finally unlocked the 'mystery of the mop':

Well, thats 2 parts of the new project, can you tell what it is yet?

Friday 23 August 2013

Biking on a budget

Mentioned before about the Yam, well here it is finished:

On the road for less than £500, including purchase price, tax, MOT and full engine rebuild with a Wiseco piston. Yep, its only a 125 and its never going to be worth that much, but for me most of the enjoyment comes from spending the time in the garage messing about with them. It turns out to be fun to ride too.
Wish i had a before photo, I literally pulled it out of a barn where it had been stood for 15 years, covered in horse shit and straw.
Special thanks to Terry for rejuvenating many parts with Zinc and Nickel, saved me a fortune and i've got loads of shiny nuts, bolts and spokes too.

Monday 1 July 2013

Mountain cub for sale

Time for a change, not ridden this for almost a year now - its no good sitting in the garage - needs someone to love it  and take it trials riding, plus I've got the urge to buy something else! - on e-bay, but sensible offers considered - 07540015100

Tuesday 4 June 2013

newfound enthusiasm

Back last November my wife's step dad called me about this little beauty, he told me over the phone there was a Yamaha 125 - 1974 going cheap through someone he knows, they only wanted £100 - I was keen as mustard and let him know - a week later it was travelling back to Northampton in the back of my wife's hatchback.
Stripped it down and cleaned it, but then i lost a bit of interest due to piling money into the Triumph engine and missing a few essential, but hard to find parts for this.
The Triumph is now back on the road and over the last week I've been looking at various DT / CT builds and have built up the enthusiasm for this again. Chucked some chunkier tyres on tonight and I think it looks pretty good (the front tyre is about an inch taller than the rear, just doesn't look so in the pic)
Its nothing fancy granted, but how many classic bikes can you buy and have a little fun with, complete with an engine and V5 for £100?