Ducati 250

Ducati 250

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Back from Powder

I'm stoked - got the parts back from powder today. They've done an awesome job, really professional, puts some of the other bits of the bike to shame.

Can't wait to crack on with it, been spending so much time up the garage recently I've been temporarily barred from bike stuff this weekend, still managed to sneak in about 4 hours today though.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Made some moves in the last few days, frame and a few brackets and stuff all got delivered to the powder coaters today. Picked up a couple more pairs of bars at Newark autojumble last Sunday to try out, the ones on there don't work well at all.
I've spent the last couple of nights filling and painting the tank and rear fender, but its still not done, hopefully the last round of filling has now been completed and final sanding can commence tomorrow. Had a bash at the forks today - they were in pretty bad shape, the old paint was in really poor condition and there was some oxidisation poking through. Cut off the unwanted lugs and sanded down, then I used Nitromors to strip the paint. Used the scotchbrite wheel to smooth the surface, then, to add some jazz, I used some Autosol with a polishing mop on my drill. They're far from perfect, but compared to how they were, its a complete transformation.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Jesus Saves

Scored this cracking bench grinder from e-bay for only £15, turns out the seller was from the Kettering branch of the Jesus Army (local Cultish soul savers), fear not, I'm not converted, but I feel that god is watching over me.

Its a monster - 370 Watt, should do nicely for a scotchbrite wheel.

Been cracking on with the wiring today, got the ignition and starter circuit rigged up, also the brake light, its all working fine so far, got to tackle the charging system tomorrow, wiring in the picture looks a bit of a mess, but I've kept it all loose until I'm happy with it and its working, then I shall tidy it all up, mostly mounted on a removable board inside the electrics box:

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Not long now...

Been busy again, pretty much finished off all the major fabrication now, electric box is mounted

Sealed the tank earlier today - had about 1lb of short galvanised nalis in it for the last 2 weeks, every time I went into the garage I gave it a little shake to remove the rust, flushed it out with some acetone and it was good for the ethanol resistant sealant.
Also stuck a rear brake bar on - its a mild steel threaded rod, but I'll stick a stainless one on for the final build.
Wheeled it outside for a good look:

Next up is sorting out the cables and tackling the electrics

Friday, 1 July 2011

Flathead for sale

I've decided to put it up for sale again, comes with new pistons, rings and valve covers, cases are good, all fins present on the heads. Obviously in need of a rebuild but I don't know to what extent as I haven't measured anything internally. All major parts are there.
1942 WLC engine - fought Hitler! - £1400 ono.
I know its priced a little on the high side, but I'm still in 2 minds whether to keep it and build a bike around it when I have more money and, more importantly more skills. I'm sure, if and when it sells, I'll probably end up regretting it in 10 years time, when they are hitting silly money! but for now, it will go some way to funding something cheaper and more complete (ironhead) to practice building on.